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元記事はErlangをいく選択すべきか?という内容。CPU負荷が高いのには向いていない、レイテンシースループットが必要な場合は向いているとErlangの本を読むと書いてある内容が羅列されていますが、向いていない項目の中にGlue-together style web applicationというのがあります。Railsっぽいアプリ(つまりDBとフロントがガッツリくっついてる=Glue-together?)はやらん方が良いと書いてあります。


ffn 16 hours ago

    >Erlang is not good for Glue-together style web application
    Granted Elixir's Phoenix framework is not Rails level yet, it's system of plugs and heavy inspiration from rails actually makes it quite useable as a replacement for rails. Also immutability and the associated smaller memory footprint makes it more feasible to run cheaply on services like heroku or aws. Personally, I think elixir is a good boat to jump on to carry us over to the next world of web development.
    troutwine 14 hours ago

        I wrote this article way back in 2013. Initial commit of Phoenix was Jan 18, 2014.
        But! you're quite right. Elixir is focusing on the web application type things that Erlang and the community around it has never much addressed. There's enough interoperability from Elixir to Erlang that you could probably say the ecosystem as a whole is addressing the problem if you squint hard enough.
        Side comment, it's been interesting to see Elixir grow since 2013. A lot of folks learn Elixir and then Erlang but I think it's less common to learn Erlang and then learn Elixir. It's led to an interesting situation where Elixir has had to bootstrap knowledge about OTP on its own terms without a large pool of domain experts sitting around. The asymmetry in knowledge--knowing Erlang does not imply knowing Elixir but knowing Elixir implies knowing Erlang--also makes me wonder how the squinting assumption above will shake out long-term. ¯\_(シ)_/¯
        - 多くの人がElixirを学びErlangを学ぶ、ただErlangを学びElixirを学ぶ人はあまりいないのではないか
        - それはOTPを、Elixir自身の言葉でさらにその領域の熟練者たち抜きで乗り越えるという面白い状況が生まれるのではないか

なるほどね、という感じです。僕もElixirはまだチラッとしか見ていないのですが、OTPの各ビヘイビアをElixir側でラップして提供していたりします。(AgentやTask.Supervisor) ElixirユーザーがOTPを意識せずに使えるようになるとより敷居が低くなって普及が進むのかもしれません。